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Suboshan Thevarajah Mortgage Broker & Team Lead

Suboshan Thevarajah

Mortgage Broker & Team Lead

Markets Served:

2855 Markham Rd Unit 302
Toronto, ON M1X0C3

Toll-Free: 1-833-222-2027
Cell: 416-737-9797

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My Name is Suboshan Thevarajah, My professional life has been an integral part of me. I am a Director of The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technician and Technologies (OACETT), also President of University of Colombo Alumni Association Canada (UCAAC) I have been specializing in Mortgage Brokering for over 12 years. I have helped and continue to assist thousands of individuals and families make their dream of homeownership or financial independence a reality. With my expertise in problem solving, I find solutions for homeowners/buyers that are not one dimensional as I evaluate and determine the most suitable financing options for people based on their family dynamics, long-term goals and maximum potential benefits. It mostly defines who I am as a person overall. Over the years, many of my clients and team members have become an important active part of my life

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